Fuel lines

Almost finished installing the fuel lines, after much deliberation over what to use I have gone for 10mm copper pipe and have secured it using P clips and held onto the chassis using some left over body to chassis screws from Marcos Heritage, which seems to have done the job. Apart from the problem of getting the copper pipe under the car and bent to follow the contours of the chassis at the rear the only problem encountered was the output size from the petrol tank which was a unusual 16mm so after a few false starts with some metal joiners with stepper sizes I have removed the fuel tank and taken it into Rad Tec who are going to fit a new 10mm output, its ready for collection and will pick it up tomorrow. Have also used some braided hose but only on short straight sections for connections under the bonnet and fuel tank at the rear, also fitted a in line on/off tap, filter and a fuel pressure regulator.


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