Dash instrument frustration

Just received a order today that was placed on the 10th May (4 weeks ago) and it's all wrong so I have to send it all back again wasting time and effort.

I won't mention the company but basically my dashboard contained a selection of different make instruments and looked a bit of a mis-match so decided to order 4 small dials consisting of Oil Pressure, Fuel Gauge, Water Temp, Voltmeter all to match the existing Speedo and Rev counter that I have.

The 4 instruments received today contain a completely different manufacture logo. It appears the company concerned own several different smaller instrument companies and their website pictures are out of date. I also ordered a new bezel (outer rim) for the rev counter as it was slightly scratched and as they supply different shaped bezels i sent them a email with a photo to ensure they got the correct shape and the new one recieved is, yes you guessed, the wrong shape !!!

Moan over, I am now off to work, feel like I need a holiday


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