Front grille

Front grille now finished and pleased with the result, think it sets off the silver colour of the car very well and should stop any leaves or other rubbish getting into the engine bay.

I could not find any ready made solutions as a method of fixing the grill so I cut some small glassfibre strips and glassed in some bolts taking care not to get any resin on the threads, once set and cut to shape I then glassed these small strips with the bolts attached above and below the grill areas, painted black to suit then and cut the grill to shape and held in place with some washers and nuts.

Don't zoom in too close to the body work as I know it needs some attention, current plan is to get the car up and running, let the bodywork settle down on the chassis then off to the painters.

Just had a call from Redditch Shotblasting to say the front section of the roll cage is all black and shiny so off to collect that now and will call in at a timber yard en route as I need a sheet of exterior ply to make a base for my dashboard, the existing dash being a lightweight is a simple, effective but cheapo looking fibreglass moulding which is not up to par so will make a new base and then decide whether I want a veneer top (too many choices of wood is making my head spin) or go for a carbon covering, ah decision decisions,


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