Roll Cage

Despite sore arms and back after spending the morning digging out a rotten fence stump and the big lump of concrete attached to it, I decided to get in the garage again for a couple of hours.

The rear section of the roll cage I fitted some weeks ago and have been trying to fit the side tubes that run across the top of each door and down each windscreen pillar followed by a centre section above the windscreen. The bolts holes were a couple of mm out so I had a bit of drilling to do and then the most difficult part was closing up the big "U" clamps that hold each section together to get a bolt and nut on each side, after many attempts I used a large cable tie to temporally help close the gap so I could get a nut on. I have done one side so may tackle the other tomorrow morning.

Even though the roll cage sits quite snug to the inside of the bodywork it seems there is not a lot of room head wise so will look at some padding for safety reasons when all fitted,


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