After much thought about how to fit the dashboard I made some right angles and glassed them onto the back of the board, these then screw onto the wooden box unit that sits behind the dashboard. The advantage of this is that there are no screw holes that will be visible from the front of the dashboard. The dashboard will be covered with either leather or carbon but can leave that until I decide on the interior trim to suit.

Finally got all my instruments matching after several returns to CAi Instruments and got to chance to see how they will look in my new dashboard. Really like the layout and can now think about the switches which I will probably mount on the lower panel just behind the gear lever, need to also fit the indicator and full beam lights behind the wheel.

Had a bargain with the momo wheel off ebay, display model and the £££ enabled me to buy a quick release unit, looks much smarter than the original wheel fitted.

Need to look at the spaghetti of wiring now and start connecting wires up to the relevant bits in the car and hopefully the last section of the exhaust "s" pipes I ordered are ready for collection so looking forward to getting the Marcos off the axle stands and back on its wheels for the first time in ages,



Anonymous said...

hi Martyn
looking for pics on the fuel filler cap - wasthis one exist when you purchased car ? any info apreciated
dvid pattison

Martyn said...

Hi David,

This was already on the car when i bought it, it not the standard marcos cap. If i recall correctky i have seen the very same in either demon tweeks catalogue or from Carbuilder Solutions,

Hope this helps,


Nick said...

It either came from Carbuilder or Europa - just a standard aero cap. The car originally had a fuel cell in the boot, and there was no regular filler cap above the boot lid - I preferred the look of the aero cap as fitted to the more modern Marcos' over the flip style on most Mantulas, so made some mods to the body to take the ring mount and glassed it in. (Still some finishing work to do as you will have noticed, which I intended to complete when it cam time to fix the rest of the body work!!)