Summer Hols

Recently took a family camping holiday in sunny Dorset and late last night got back very tired from this years cycling trip in Scotland (mostly sunny again). Need a couple of days to catch up and will then return to the Marcos project,



Chris Jameson said...

Hi Martyn,

Where abouts in Scotland did you get to?

You did the Coast and Castles route a few years ago didn't you? How did you find it, is it a route that you'd recommend? We had planned to make that this year's ride, but me moving to Scotland threw a spanner in the works.

Speaking of moving my car should FINALLY be making the move to it's new home here in Scotland this coming Friday, can't wait to get back to work on it.


Martyn said...

Hi Chris,

Yes i did the Coast and Castles southern section a couple of years ago from Newcastle to Edinburgh and last week did the northern section from Edinburgh to Aberdeen although as we spent a little time in lovely St Andrews we did not get as far as Aberdeen and finished our trip in Carnoustie catching the train back to where we left our car at a campsite near Edinburgh. We quite enjoyed the option of cycling what we wanted each day as we had researched lots of campsites en route to make it easy for us to stop as we pleased. We would like to make a weekend trip up to Edinburgh soon as it was difficult to have a proper look around with all the stuff we were carrying on our bikes. Have done a few of the Sustrans rides now and would recommend them all with their routes avoiding major roads, certainly the Coast and castles i would recommend.

Good luck with your project,