Update on oil leak

As expected, it does appear that the oil leak repair is beyond fixing with the axle in situ. Spoke to the experts who say it's not a big job as such to replace the oil seal but can't be done on the car as the preload (whatever that means ?) needs to be reset and it's a job for doing on the work bench, the leak is probably due to the car sitting for such a long time.

This is a LSD atlas axle and very expensive to replace so need it done properly, will now have to find a day free to strip the back end down and remove the axle, won't be easy as they are very heavy to handle and with a lot of cars it's usually a case of disconnecting the suspension and brakes and dropping the axle, with a Marcos the axle sits inside a square section of the chassis so has to be moved out sideways then drop one side and then sideways again, not helped by having a single garage so will have to do it outside and then figure how I can get the car forward into the garage without any rear wheels whilst the axle is sent away for repair,


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