Rear axle out

Well I spent half the day taking the axle out with great care trying not to scratch the chassis, done, relieved and worn out !

It was not a particularly difficult job, just time consuming with all the braking system to remove, the springs, trailing arms and anti roll bar all getting in the way, made easier by removing the half shafts with the back plate and braking assembly still all attached as one.

Once done I had to get the car safe back into the garage for it to sit for a few days whilst the axle is sent away. I did think that with the help of my brother we would slide a long wooden fence post through the chassis and simply pick up the rear end by holding onto one end of the wooden post each and walk it into the garage, we could not even lift it and I thought this was a lightweight car !

After some pondering we borrowed two of Louis skateboards (he does not know so don't tell him !) and put a skateboard under the wooden post each end and suddenly the Marcos had 10 wheels, albeit 8 little ones. It looked a sight with the rear of the car supported by two skateboards but we could then push the Marcos forward into the garage and then raise it where it sits supported by the post which is on axle stands each end and no damage to the skateboards either, sometimes you have to just think out of the box to get jobs done,


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MarcosGazza said...

Great work! I've just got hold of (for the purpose of getting mine back on the road), a standard non-LSD Atlas Axle, but looking to find one in the near future but it is proving a bit of a task!