Rear axle in

Yesterday in between heavy rain showers I got the axle back in situ.

The pinion seal was replaced by Fostek Engineering and they did ask the question where I got the axle from ? They confirmed to me that the Atlas outer casing was from a 3.0 Capri but the internals were rather special being a ZF LSD with a 3.44 ratio and normally supplied to Ford Motorsport, and most important of all was in good condition, the seal having dried out as it was not used for some while.

I have the car sitting back on it's wheels in the garage, refilled the axle with Castrol B373 oil and just need to re connect the handbrake assembly, refit the rear exhaust section and bleed the rear brake circuit. I was hoping to do this today but it's actually snowing which I can't believe as it was so warm only a couple of days ago. Will wait a couple of days to finish the job off and looking forward to getting behind the wheel again,


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