Marcos back home

Picked the Marcos up yesterday from John in Yorkshire, he is well known in the Marcos world for his bodywork skills and are pleased with the results with all the panels and gaps as they should be.

The drive home was a little entertaining with the rain that suddenly came down which was not helped by having a wiper motor with clearly not enough sweep and the car was so noisy and hot which is my fault as I have not yet refitted the pedal box cover to seal the cockpit. I stopped a couple of times at the service stations to rest as the spray from the trucks being so low down was a little concerning.

Have just ordered some exhaust wrap, yes I have read conflicting reports about it but if this will reduce the heat then it will be worth it, the temp gauge was nice and steady so the radiator is doing a good job. Once the wrap is done I shall give some thought to replacing the wiper motor as I want to get a few of these little jobs out of the way before it's sent for paint,


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