Bits and Pieces

Not a lot done over the past couple of weeks as struggling to find the spare time.

I did notice the offside inner wing was showing some marks that the tyre was catching under braking on the reverse curve section that matches the curve at the end of the pedal box cover so I have cut this piece out and replaced it with a flat piece which then had a knock on effect in that I had to alter the shape of the pedal box cover to fit. There is also a slight recess where the steering column was also rubbing on the inner wing so have adjusted that too, all minor stuff but time consuming to make a neat job.

The car is ready for painting now and just deciding on the exact shade of silver to go for as there are so many to choose from, hopefully I shall be speaking to somebody local over the next couple of weeks that has been recommended to me via the club.

Couple of photo's of the Marcos awaiting paint (and gold wheels)....yes the panels all line up lovely now,


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