Looked at the date code on my tyres and whilst there is lots of tread left on them they are 15 years old and therefore well past their date so have decided to get them replaced and get the wheels powdercoated at the same time.

Have gone for "gold" for the wheels which was a easy choice but the tyres took a little sorting out. On the car was Bridgestone  225/50 15R but this is a difficult tyre size to get now so have gone for 205/55 which is 20mm more narrow on the tread but with 55 this will give me the same rolling radius as before and helps to fill out the wheel arches, Avon ZV5 are the ones i have gone for.

Once the tyres were off i made a interesting discovery in that the rims widths front and back were different sizes, the fronts 7.5 inches and the rears 6.5 inches, normally you would have the wider wheel on the back but on this car the wider wheel is on the front presumably to compensate for the atlas axle being wider than the front suspension, other than that the Revolution split rims are identicial and appear to have been quite expensive in their day.

Whilst the car is on axle stands i have sent the Koni shocks off to be rebuilt as this was a long overdue job that i had been putting off.

Going to be a heavy £££ month but needed doing to get the Marcos sorted,



Nick said...

Hey Martyn,

Getting closer and closer to the finished article!! Looks great :)

I always had a small air leak on one of the rims (forget which), but it was coming from the gasket on the split part of the rim, so will be worth investigating that whilst you have them off (if you haven't already)

Cheers, Nick

Martyn said...

Hi Nick,

Good to hear from you, yes the front passenger tyre needed a bit of air every couple of weeks and with the tyre off i could see where efforts had been made to seal where the two sections of the rim connect together. I shall see what can be done to seal this better when having the new tyres fitted, looking forward to picking up the "gold" or should i say "olympic gold" wheels soon,