Inner wings

Looking forward to seeing the Marcos on Saturday to refit the inner wings, pedal box and sill covers as they have been repainted in black, should hopefully then get a progress on the painting of the bonnet, have a nice new badge to stick on for the finishing touch.

Meanwhile i have a appointment with a surgeon this Wednesday to discuss the operation i need to remove my gallbladder. It caused me some problems a few days ago, despite being told to take it easy i decided to clear the snow off the drive and a hour later was doubled up in the most awful pain having set it off again, visited by a Paramedic who gave me some gas and air to relieve the pain and as he left he said "i'll see you again no doubt", apparently it's a really common problem and people suffer these regular bursts of pain whilst waiting for the operation date. The sooner it's done the better so i can look forward to summer and driving my shiny Marcos around, cycling looking a little doubtful though !


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