Marcos back home

Marcos is back home safe and sound and have just turned the key and impressed that it started first time after a couple of months resting, have let it run it up to temperature with just a few squeezes of the loud pedal, it does sound good !!

The paintwork is lovely with a excellent job done, albeit the bonnet is still off the car shortly to be painted. I could have delayed the car coming back to me a couple of weeks as the bonnet is still being worked on however we decided that it was to be bought home to me on a trailer early so i can make a start polishing up the engine bay and to give me the opportunity to work on a few bits before my operation. I can start work inside the car in preparation for the interior, door cards included, and i have the windscreen wiper motor to repair or replace.

For the interior i am looking at red leather, part quilted on the transmission tunnel and the curved panels under the door section, the red leather i prefer in a matt finish rather than shiny red and was originally going to go for a leather covered dashboard however are now thinking of a brushed aluminium effect which i think will contrast well with the exterior colour, i need to speak to the upholsterer i was talking to a couple of years ago to sound out my idea's i have and get some feedback.

Another step forward in this project,


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