No jobs on the Marcos for a couple of weeks as i had surgery yesterday to remove my gallstone bladder by keyhole. Have 4 holes in my chest and stomach and surprisingly feeling quite good. I had the op in the morning and a hour later i was shuffling out of bed to go to the loo. Managed to eat 2 meals with deserts which were lovely and with the aid of a wheelchair was discharged late last night to go home.

Just woke from a good nights sleep and will have to take it easy for a couple of weeks.

Last week i managed to do a couple of little jobs on the Marcos that were on my mind. For several months now i have been pestering my local Ford garage for a replacement skinny wheel spare tyre, the one i had looked unused but had a split in so pleased when the garage called to say it's finally arrived. It's a Continential 125/80 on a 15" wheel and reassured now that i have a spare onboard, need to think about a lightweight low lift jack to keep and secure in the boot with the wheel. Fortunately in the middle of the boot there is a mounting bolt for a exhaust "U" clamp and have got a steel threaded rod which i shall put in it's place which is a foot long, the spare wheel will sit on this and off ebay i got a screw down spare wheel holder which is exactly the same thread as the rod, this will keep the spare wheel still and secure in the boot. Have  also started to tidy and extend the wiring in the boot so it will be held secure against the side panels so they will not get caught by items in the boot, just waiting for a new soldering iron from the postman.

Still waiting for my bonnet to come back, i think it's all done now and think my painter needs to just sort out a van big enough to bring it over and refit.

On the inside i have moved some of the dash switches from where the radio normally sits and rehoused them on the actual dashboard, why ? Well i finally gave in and bought a radio, i need my music but really did not like the all flashing spaceship type Radio/CD players with their big boom boxes, loud but a rubbish sound. So after much searching i have bought a mint Pioneer. DEH-P77MP which suits the period of the car and will put some discreet quality Focal PS130 speakers in the rear upright panel just either side of the rear boot hinge. Not sure about all the wiring yet as i need to think about the battery cut off switch and whether the wiring for this will have to bypass this due to the memory settings on the radio.

Once all these little jobs are done i can get the interior re trimmed which i am really looking forward to,


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