New Windscreen

The front windscreen for no apparent reason suddenly decided to reveal a crack approx 4 inches long at the top going down, no idea what caused it but clearly needed sorting.

A few issues with the windscreen replacement company who wanted to order direct from Pilkinton Glass who apparently had none in stock and would be 4-6 weeks to make a fresh one up despite me telling the windscreen company that Marcos Heritage Spares had a Pilkinton heated front screen in stock available immediately, I just could not get them to see sense. So after several phone calls to the Insurance Company the windscreen company finally backed down and agreed to collect one from Marcos Heritage.

The screen was fitted yesterday and yes I was very nervous about some young apprentice turning up and not giving the car (and new paintwork) the care it needed. I was relieved when the fitter arrived who had been in the job for 25 years and knew what he was doing and was very very careful and clearly liked the car, he told me he had to look "Marcos" up on the tinternet to see what they were before visiting me.

Meanwhile inside the car I have looked at putting the radio in, I shall have to get some advice re the "cut off" switch and whether the power to the radio will have to bypass this to avoid loosing the settings each time power is cut. I have found that when the radio is mounted in it's normal place on the centre console the angle it sits caused the rear of the radio to be so so close to the top of the gearbox and are concerned re heat transfer from the gearbox so I am presently working on adjusting the angle slightly of the flat piece the radio sits in, also making a fibreglass section to sit underneath the gearbox cover which will be covered in heat reflect material, all little jobs i need to do before a new interior is fitted.

Wondering what to do when the Marcos is finished, no that they are ever finished !! I have bought a Kona Hoss frame from ebay and plan to do another bike build up, looking forward to this as all i have is the frame and i can use exactly what components i want to build a special, shall probably go for Green again to match the other Kona i did recently.


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