Wiper motor

Have finally had to change the windscreen wiper motor. It decided not to work once before and after taking it out and testing it on a bench it worked, confused but happy, so when i put it back in after the recent paint job I was a little miffed for it to not work again so time to throw it away and put a new one in.

The original motor was located right next to the steering column and drove the single wiper direct from the motor itself, I did try to find out what car it was from without any success and was always a little disappointed in the sweep area not covering much of the screen.

So last week I bought a Lucas motor which i think is the normal fitment for Marcos cars however as I have retained the single wiper system I decided it would be easier to fit the motor where the heater would normally sit (the 5.0V8 is the heater in this car) which is right behind the centrally fitted dash instruments.

Looking forward to getting the car to the MOT station in the next few days in time for the sunshine,


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