Dashboard switches

The cool air system is all fitted now bar the on/off switch and the motor appears to put enough cool air into the cabin, will have to wait till i get the chance to go for a spin to get the full effect.

Whilst thinking about the switch i have decided that before the Marcos goes in for it's interior (after a couple of false starts) in October i have decided that i don't really like the dashboard switches that are standard on the Mantula, i think they look cheap and at night time the light in them is too bright which can be distracting. I have been searching for some black rocker switches to suit the black dials and there really is not a lot of choice out there. I Would have ideally liked some solid looking early Jaguar switches but there are not many about so have decided on a selection of some new MGB rocker switches via ebay, just waiting for the postman to deliver but not a 5 minute job as i will then have the task of filling in the dashboard holes and cutting out new ones again, a bit of a pain but will be much better looking.

Will this car ever be finished ?


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