Not much news

Not much news other than just enjoying the sunshine and driving the Marcos whenever possible, i do still find it a little hot inside when really sunny and think i need i fit a larger air scoop at the front of the car to feed in more cool air into the under dash vents i fitted a few months ago.

Looking forward to the Annual Rally at Prescott this year in August as it will be the first time i have attended in the Marcos and have even booked myself a couple of drives up the hill, i am a little nervous about this especially with the last right turn before the finish having a sheer drop on the outside, i will certainly take it easy on this corner however it was a track car originally so it does need the occasionally thrashing in keeping with the spirit the car was built for.

I am just waiting for delivery of a roll cage attachment for my GoPro camera so will make a couple of in car videos soon.

I have the Marcos booked in for a tune on a rolling road the week before the Rally which is something i have been meaning to do for some time but the £££ keep being diverted elsewhere and looking forward to seeing what results can be produced.


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