Rain Rain Rain

Rain Rain Rain, will it ever stop ?

It's been a while since i updated this page so thought it was about time.

Not a lot of news on my Marcos at the moment other that it's sitting in the garage nice and snug and have only been using it recently weather permitting so it's all still clean and shiny, this time last year i was polishing it frantically in preperation for the NEC Classic Car show in Birmingham.

I do have a couple of jobs to sort for next season, these being i need to put a smaller cog on the wiper motor as the sweep is too wide and the wiper arm struggles to move smoothly due to the curve of the screen, my single wiper parks in the middle of the screen as opposed to the usual 2 arm system that sits on the opposite side and does not have to cope with the same curve at the side of the screen, if that makes sense ?? and finish the cool air vent system i installed which still needs a little tweaking.

All my spare time at present seems to be cycling (in the mud) playing guitar (lots off) and digging the garden (we had a extension built last year and the lovely garden we had is being redesigned) so trying to get that sorted over the winter.

There are a couple of other Marcos restorations project blogs i am enjoying reading at present and do look forward to their updates, would be nice to see a few more on the road over the next couple of years.


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