Headlight Upgrade

I have been planning on upgrading the sealed beam headlights for some time but after somebody pulled out on me a couple of weeks ago at nightime and missed me by inches i thought it was now time to get them sorted.

After much reading on the Marcos Forum i purchased a set of 4 from Staffordshire Vehicle Components who were quite helpful and local to me in Tamworth so saving on the postage.

A set of 4 headlights cost me £70 with a set of standard H1 and H4 bulbs and have jusr recieved from Amazon some Philips X-treme vision to replace the bulbs supplied. It really is a easy job to convert from sealed units to Halogens and as long as you don't use 100w bulbs and keep to 55w the forum suggests the existing wiring will be sufficent.

The Marcos will be off the road for a couple of weeks while i tend to another couple of jobs so will give a update once these new lights have been tested.


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