Curborough Sprint

After many years of watching i finally got to take to the track at the annual Club Marcos day at Curborough Sprint near Lichfield.

There was approx 15 Marcos cars running and the entry was bolstered by a few hot eurobox cars, a Lambo and a D type replicia, it was interesting to see the times between the cars of different era's although the hero of the day was the little yellow 1600, clearly the driver knew what he was doing and he just seemed to glide round the course, smooth being the key to a good time.

For a first time i was pleased with my results although i did leave the track twice and put this down to trying too hard, i certainly had the power and can only compare it to a scalded cat but felt let down by the brakes and think they just need setting up properly, the balance bar in particular, i shall ensure this is done well before next years event.

I did use my go-pro and have uploaded to youtube including the couple of spins onto the grass, no damage caused, all in all a great day and shame there was not more Marcos running,


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