Goodnight !

With some sadness i have to announce that my Marcos Mantula has been sold.

It has been a lot of fun and learning for me during the restoration and driving and have met some nice people in the Marcos world always ready to help each other out and offer advice when needed.

On the posititve side the Marcos has gone to Pierre in France who i am sure a lot of you will know already and is clearly so passionate about Marcos Cars and this one added to his collection now makes it 7, i don't think i have seven pairs of shoes so i am reassured that it has gone to a good home and will continue to be developed  and enjoyed.

What's next for me, who knows but i will kinda miss every time i pull up at a fuel station people approaching with dropped jaws and asking "wow what's that" and on the motorway people hanging out of windows taking photographs on their smart phones as we pass, i always give a little nod or wave.

May be a little time but as they say "watch this space"


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