Good Morning !


Just a little update that yes i am getting the "Marcos Pings" which was recently diagnosed by my GP and is a caused by the missing out of a recently departed, extremely rude, loud, uncomfortable, but fast and beautiful sports car and and only be relieved by lots of "there there creme" and the arival of another !

As yet i don't have the storage room to start another project but if a metal chassis, non Q plate came my way looking for a full restoration i am sure i could find a home for it until the welding gloves were ready to come off,  you will know from my previous that something very special would come out of the door at the end, move over Mr Potts as i have several ideas bubbling around my head as to what can be done. Please let me know if your tired Marcos needs some zest and want it to go to a good home and be reassured it would be reborn beautiful again.

Anyway, at present to releive me of my petrolhead blues i recently purchased 2 wheels, a Honda CB900 Custom from 1981, this bike is in lovely condition with only 30k on the clock and was never sold in the UK and imported here i guess in the early 80's probably by somebody posted here at one of the US airbases and sold on when they returned home, i will apply to the DVLA to get the history.

It was purchased from a guy in Yorkshire who converts bikes to caferacers and he bought it with the same intention but the condition is so good he just could not take a spanner and grinder to it so he decided to sell it on, there are a couple of mods i want to do to it but at the moment i am just enjoying the sunny days riding,


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