Steering Rack and Rear axle

Cleaned all the gunge from the steering rack today and having removed the rubber gaiters the rack itself looks okay with no wear markings on the teeth so should only need a fresh coat of paint, top up the grease and replace the rubber bushes with some Polyurethane Superflex ones and back on it goes.

Also managed to get the axle resting in place in the chassis awaiting some rod ends for the trailing arms before I can connect it all up. Recently I bought a replacement Alloy back plate for the axle with cooling fins on to help keep the oil temperature down in the axle as I did read somewhere that it can get a little hot in there and it may help the LSD (limited slip diff not the other funny stuff) last a little longer. Having put the axle in its place in the chassis and noting that this alloy backplate is slightly bigger at the rear I am now wondering if it will foul the Panhard rod or the handbrake rod that goes across the rear of the axle, I shall have to wait till it's all fitted up before I can find out.



Marcos said...

Hi Martyn

I have been searching the internet for websites about help and advise on my steering rack/column. I accidently came across your website and what can i say, WOW !!!!!!

I am currently reading your blog, on the restoration of your marcos, and i am very impressed with the work that you've done. My car is the same as yours and i have also had the same problems. Unfortunately, i am a novice and had to pay for the work to be done.

It would be great to talk to you, as you are also a marcos owner and you are not that far away, as i'm in leicester.

Again can i say i am very impressed on the work that you have done and i am enjoying reading your blog

Please feel free to email me the address is, I look forward to speaking to you soon, kind regards


Martyn said...

Thanks for the message, you can contact me on the Marcos forum under the username Martyn123 where you will find a wealth of information on all things Marcos

Marcos said...

hi martyn just to let you know my marcos was stripped and rebuilt a couple of years ago and is running great however i have got a slight sticking in the steering it feels like its hitting a notch but not all the time i may put grease on the joints to see if that helps,what do you think?iv'e just watched your track day vid on the marcos forum,very good, all i need to do now is work out how to put post on any advise please.

Martyn said...


Best thing to do is join the Marcos forum and ask the question re the steering there and you will get a lot more qualified answers than i can give,