Fuel Filter, Expansion tank and messing about with Carbon Fibre

Busy couple of weeks with the Band so not as much done in the garage as I would have liked but we had a couple of great gigs so the effort was worth it.

The Alloy Expansion tank finally arrived taking a little long than expected and when received decided that the lower tube connection was not really in the best place so another trip to Cannock and they adjusted it while I waited. Now bolted in place it fits exactly where I wanted with just enough room to clear the alternator and fan belt. To complete the cooling system I am just waiting for some flexi Silicon hose and have ordered 2 metres which will be plenty but still have not made up my mind about whether I am fitting a heater or not, need to decide very soon.

Also arrived in the post was a shiny new Filter King fuel pressure regulator, have struggled to find a suitable place to fit this as the instructions recommend being as far away from heat as possible, the ideal place would be near the outer wings mounted onto a chassis rail but for safety reasons don't think this is a good idea so the only place is just behind one of the rocker covers above the bell housing and having looked at various under bonnet Marcos photo's on the www this seems to be the popular place, I will fit it there and make a heat shield to protect it at some point.

Also decided to have a play with some Carbon fibre much to the annoyance of the good lady (due to the smell) There is a small flat piece but with lots of corners that sits between the top of the drivers foot well and the pedal box so thought this would be a good place to see if it works, I have layered a piece of Carbon sheet over the top, folded the edges over and are just waiting for it to dry so I can flat it off with some 120 grit and apply another coat of resin, again flat but with 1200 and then polish or lacquer, not sure it this will work but fun trying anyway and will post a photo of the finished article if successful, thinking carbon fibre dash, hmmm,


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