Rear section of the roll cage now secure, just waiting for the front bits which are being powder coated at present so I can tick off another job done.

With the manifolds now fitted I can turn to sorting the exhaust out, lots of recent talk on the Marcos forum re different options and despite being one of the first things I look at when I see another Marcos I think there is still work that can be done to tidy up the rear end.

So, my brave attempt so far is to use the small area in between the two seats underneath the propshaft where I have managed to find a two in and two out silencer from Custom Chrome that is 16"x7" and more important only 3½" deep, it part fits into a gap of 17" between the gearbox support and a chassis rail and I have just temporally hung it in place with some cable ties so that I can work out the bends required to connect this silencer to the manifolds and make some brackets to secure it properly. Initial thoughts are 2 x 45 degree mandrel bends each side to bridge the gap.

Initially the silencer looks like it will hang down approx 1" below the the seat base line and whilst not being much higher than the previous silencers at the rear of the car I think it will be more out of sight. Not sure if any other Marcos owners have tried this option and would be interested to hear to see how well it works (or not?)

View from the rear

The plan for the rear section is then is to guide the pipework approx 1ft apart to miss the rear axle and each side of the axle fit two slim Cherry bomb silencers before the pipework comes back together again for one centrally mounted oval exhaust tip neatly sitting under the spare wheel bulge. I am hoping that the two rear silencers will sit far enough in so that they will be out of sight. I have seen some round 3" silencers so will be gaining 1½"  more clearance over the previous 4½" thick rear boxes fitted.

I now have two surplus silencer boxes with twin 3" pipes if they can be of use to somebody,


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