Do you like my new header photo of my Marcos in its early days, a black and white photograph but its not really that old ? Must have been taken during it's track days driven by John Eales.

My Dremel tool has ground to a halt and is being repaired at present so can't continue work on the dashboard until it's back.

The steering wheel on my car is a little worn and would like one of the newer styles offered by either Momo or Sparco and initially thought I would simply be ordering a new wheel and bolting it onto the existing boss however it turns out that my existing Mountney wheel has a 100mm PCD (gap between the screws) whereas most current ones now have a 70mm PCD and after a couple of phone calls to the bigger motorsport companies I was told that the flanges size on the triumph column would also not be compatible with the mounting boss now supplied with these wheels so I was stuck with the jaded Mountney.

Surely not, so I persisted and after more calls was recommended to speak to a Mike at Springalex (01668 219956) who apparently make a conversion boss which bolts onto the triumph column. Postman has just delivered this item and bolts straight on no problem, result !

Now contemplating a new wheel possibly with a flat bottom and also looking at a quick release which as well as offering better security it does also bring the wheel forward slightly, having a flat bottom wheel and bringing the wheel forward may also increase leg room with no up/down adjustment available on the steering column itself,


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Michael Toole said...

Thank you for the write up.
I make many British classic sports boss kits to fit either 70mm, 74mm, PCD.
plus 6 and 9 holes aluminiun cast bosses on 100mm PCD.

Pleased you are sorted. Car looks good.

Best regards
Mike MD. S pringalex Ltd.